Paper Submission

Papers (in PDF format) should be submitted electronically via the Easychair system:

Submissions are two-stage. In the first stage an abstract is required. Full papers are expected after the abstract.

Original contributions are sought, regarding the development of theory, techniques, and use cases of Artificial Intelligence and / or process management in the area of healthcare, particularly connected to patient data, clinical guidelines and healthcare processes. 

Submitted papers will be evaluated on the basis of significance, originality, technical quality, and exposition. Papers should clearly establish their research contribution and the relation to the goals of the workshop. The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

    Process modeling in healthcare

   Computer-interpretable clinical guidelines / protocols and decision support

   Workflow management in healthcare

   Semantic integration of healthcare processes with electronic medical records

   Knowledge representation and ontologies for healthcare processes

   Temporal knowledge representations and exploitation

   Facilitating knowledge-acquisition of healthcare processes

   Visualization, monitoring and mining healthcare processes

   Knowledge extraction from healthcare databases and EPRs

   Knowledge combination, personalization and adaptation of healthcare processes

   Compliance of healthcare processes

   Evaluation of quality and safety of careflow systems

   Managing flexibility and exceptions in healthcare processes

   Process optimization and simulation in healthcare organizations and healthcare networks

   Experiences in deploying knowledge-based tools in healthcare

   Patient empowerment in healthcare

   Linking clinical care and clinical research

   Lifecycle management for healthcare processes

   Context-aware healthcare processes

   Ambient intelligence & smart processes in healthcare

   Mobile process support in healthcare

   Process interoperability & standards in healthcare

   Process-oriented system architectures in healthcare 

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers for presentation in any of the areas listed above. Only papers in English will be accepted. Three types of submissions are possible:


(1) full papers (12 pages long) reporting mature research results,
(2) position papers (no longer than 6 pages) reporting research that may be in preliminary stage not yet been evaluated, and
(3) tool reports (no longer than 6 pages).


Papers must present original research contributions not concurrently submitted elsewhere.

Papers should be submitted in the LNCS  format. The title page must contain a short abstract, a classification of the topics covered, preferably using the list of topics above, and an indication of the submission category (regular paper, position paper, or tool report).